Like all Circuits in the Methodist Church, we take seriously our responsibilities concerning good processing of personal data. We are accountable to both TMCP and Methodist Church House, from whom the most up-to-date guidelines should always be sought.

GDPR Annual Checklist – Training Videos

We have produced a series of 10 explanatory videos, approximately 5 minutes each, to help all churches in the Circuit (and around the Birmingham District) to complete their Annual Checklist.

Here are the videos – please invite others to watch them too.

District Newsletter

Revd Stephen Froggatt has been appointed the Birmingham District Data Champion – a role that involves being a key contact and general enthusiast for all things GDPR.

One of the aspects of that role has been the production of an occasional Newsletter.

GDPR Newsletter No. 1
Includes tips on managing strong passwords

GDPR Newsletter No. 2
Includes tips on good email practice

GDPR Newsletter No. 3
Includes tips on Sunday School and Junior Church

GDPR Newsletter No. 4
Includes tips on managing all the paperwork

GDPR Newsletter No. 5
Includes tips on publishing Meeting Minutes

GDPR Newsletter No. 6
Includes advice on items in the Public Domain

GDPR Newsletter No. 7
Includes more encouragement to complete the Data Audit

GDPR Newsletter No. 8
Includes guidance on completing the Annual checklist


The Circuit Privacy Policy is the one provided by TMCP. Each Church has a copy, and it is available here. The latest version is always available on the TMCP website. This should be displayed on each Church Notice Board, and referenced on each Church Website. Every member of the congregation is entitled to view or have a copy on request.

Other important documents follow.

1. General Information about GDPR

The following documents would be recommended reading for all Managing Trustees – in other words all members of Church Council or Circuit Meeting.

GDPR At A Glance
GDPR In A Nutshell (a useful booklet to give to all members of Church Council)
Case Studies
9 Steps to Take Now
Lawful Bases Guidance
Local Directories – Guidance
Record Retention Guidance (.XLS) – Updated guidance on how long to keep things
Guidance on Good Passwords – why it helps to know a foreign language

2. Essential Documentation for all Churches & Circuits

Privacy Notice – for public display (see above)
Managing Trustees – Processor Record
Data Protection Policy
Data Security Policy
Template – Data Collection Form
Template – Data Consent Form
Template – Consent Record

3. The Church / Circuit Data Audit

Data Mapping Form
Data Mapping Examples

4. Data Breaches

All Data Breaches should be reported to the District Data Champion for advice.

Template – Breach Record
Breach Policy

5. Subject Access Requests

All SARs should be reported to TMCP for further advice

Subject Access Request (SAR) Policy
Subject Access Request (SAR) Form

My Resources

Sample Data Mapping Form from XYZ Methodist Church (.DOCX)

The 6 Basic Principles of GDPR